In today's society it is very easy to hear the negative comments from individuals via Facebook or other social media outlets.  However, I received a very positive email over the weekend that I wanted to share bits and pieces for all interested in reading.  The Mound City Football Team played at Tarkio on Friday night vs. East Atchison and lost 58-6, but it was their actions after the game that I want to point out.  

An individual that works at the Tarkio Rec Center where the team uses the locker room sent an email.  Here are a few sentences from that email:  "The Boys and Coach Standerford were so polite and showed so much respect to me and the facility.  They were so worried about the mud that was left in the locker room and were so apologetic even offering to help pick it up.  I can tell you that, other than a little mud (and I mean very little) there was no other sign that they had even been in the locker room."  Over the years, we have always tried to make sure the facility is in better shape than when we got there.  This individual also went on to say "I just want you to know that your Mound City Panther Football team and Coaches have set the standards very high.  In today's world this type of respect is hard to find.  Please know that I have bragged on them to others and today I wanted to brag on them to you."

Being a part of a team is bigger than any individual accomplishment.  After losing the game, our players and coaches had a choice to make and they made the right choice.  Every single player played as hard as they could and to the best of their ability.  Each coach made decisions that they felt were best for the team to try and help them win.  It didn't turn out the way we wanted, but our players and coaches were still respectful to the staff and facility and that is what I'm the most proud of.  

This type of behavior happens in other sports and other events in which Mound City R-2 Students participate in.  My message to parents, guardians, and the Mound City community is this:  We are trying very hard to give your students more than an education, we are teaching them life skills to help them succeed when they graduate from Mound City R-2.  The individual that sent me this email isn't going to remember the score of the game, who made the tackles, or who scored the points.  However, they are going to remember how our players and coaches treated them that night.  That will be remembered for years down the road.