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Technology Ratio

Computer to Student Ratio: 1:1

Teacher Ratio

1:9 Teacher to Student Ratio

Career Ed. Programs

Agriculture Education, Business Education, Family Consumer Sciences and Human Services

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8:00 am to 2:59 pm 8 period day

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Who is your favorite cartoon character?~Buggs Bunny If you could only eat one dessert for the rest of your life, what would it be? ~Mini Starbursts Would you rather explore the bottom of the ocean or outer space?~The bottom of the ocean

- Reagan


What is your favorite dessert?~Oreo Ice Cream Have you ever met someone famous?~ No If you didn't have to go to school what would you do with your free time?~ Ride my bike around town

- Brody


What is your favorite TV Show? ~Marvels What If What is your favorite ice cream flavor?~ Twist (Chocolate & Vanilla Combined) What is your favorite food?~Pizza

- Daniel


You're writing a book-what genre is it?~Motivational What is your favorite holiday?~Easter Would you rather travel or stay home?~Travel

- Mrs. Jordan