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Graduation Rate


Technology Ratio

Computer to Student Ratio: 1:1

Teacher Ratio

1:9 Teacher to Student Ratio

Career Ed. Programs

Agriculture Education, Business Education, Family Consumer Sciences and Human Services

School Day Info

8:00 am to 2:59 pm 8 period day

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Favorite All Time Sport~Volleyball Favorite Movie ~Turning Red What do you want to be when you grow up? ~Zookeeper

- Makenna

Ava Grace

Favorite Television Network? ~ Cartoon Network Favorite Type of Music? ~ Rock Who is most inspiring to you? ~ My friends

- Ava


Dream Car? ~BMW 18 Favorite Color? ~Black Life Motto ~Money can't buy happiness

- Wil

Mrs. Rogers

If you had to eat one meal, for the rest of your life, what would it be? ~Lettuce Wraps from Cheesecake Factory What was your first job? ~ Lifeguard Where would you like to visit? ~Anywhere in Europe

- Mrs. Rogers