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Graduation Rate


Technology Ratio

Computer to Student Ratio: 1:1

Teacher Ratio

1:9 Teacher to Student Ratio

Career Ed. Programs

Agriculture Education, Business Education, Family Consumer Sciences and Human Services

School Day Info

8:00 am to 2:59 pm 8 period day

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Are you a cat or dog person? ~Dog person What is your favorite dessert?~Cheesecake What is your favorite season?~ Summer

- Abigail


Who are two famous people that you would like to dine with? ~Chris Pratt and Chris Evans What age would you like to stop aging? 22 What in your life now would surprise your 5-year old self? ~I can wear jeans.

- Sydney

Mrs.  Ungles

Early Bird or Night Owl? ~Early Bird – because you can get so much done while the rest of the world sleeps. Where would you like to visit? ~ I want to visit every National Park. Stay at home or be out and about? ~I’d much rather be out camping and enjoying nature.

- Mrs. Ungles


Do you have any hidden talents? ~Crossing the monkey bars backwards. If you could trade places with anyone, who would it be?~My brother because he doesn’t have to go to school. What do you think makes a good friend? ~Being Kind

- Gabriella