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Graduation Rate


Technology Ratio

Computer to Student Ratio: 1:1

Teacher Ratio

1:9 Teacher to Student Ratio

Career Ed. Programs

Agriculture Education, Business Education, Family Consumer Sciences and Human Services

School Day Info

8:15 am to 3:29 pm 8 period day

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What kind of music do you like? ~Well, I like the song, "I'm about to lose my tooth!" What is the best gift you've ever been given? ~Squishies If you could invite 4 famous people to dinner, who would you invite? ~ My Grandpa and Grandma

- Adlee


If you were famous, what would you want to be famous for? ~Driving-Racing Where is your favorite place in the world? ~ Here If you could travel back in time 3 years, what advice would you give yourself? ~Don't do stupid stuff

- Quimby


Favorite Movie?~ Up Life Motto?~ Get back up and try again Favorite Hobby? ~Fishing

- Lane


What fictional family would you like to be part of?~ The Jeffersons Do you speak another language?~ Yes, Southern If you had your own late night talk show, who would be your first guest? ~ Rod Stewart

- Amy