Exactly 1 year ago today, our worlds were turned upside down when the fear of COVID-19 shut down our schools.  At that point we didn't know how long we would be shut down but we knew that we had to continue and educate kids to the best of our ability.  Teachers worked extremely hard to find new ways to get information to their students.  They used Google Classroom, Zoom calls, etc.  Our Teachers improvised and made it work while providing a quality education to our students.  Our students went through a great deal mentally, especially our Class of 2020.  They missed the opportunity to participate in Spring Sports, Prom, and we had many discussions involving Graduation and how it would take place.  All of our students not only have dealt with the normal day to day issues but adding the stress of issues related to COVID-19, it has been a lot to take in.  

After the 2019-2020 School Year ended there were still a lot of questions.  Are we going to be having Face-To-Face Instruction for the 2020-2021 School Year?  Are we going to be able to Social Distance effectively?  However, we started school on time with Face-To-Face Instruction and have not looked back.  Northwest Missouri started seeing an increase in COVID-19 Cases in October and Mound City R-2 probably saw it's toughest stretch of the school year from October through December when students were quarantined at a higher rate due to COVID-19.  During this time, 207 students/teachers were in isolation due to positive or quarantine due to being a close contact.  The Mound City R-2 School Board voted to start a Mask Mandate on November 20th.  Since January 1 we have had 20 students/teachers out due to COVID-19.  

And now, here we are March 17, 2021.  One full year from the beginning of COVID-19 impacting our lives.  We are slowly getting back to what we would call "normal."  Not everything has been the same; fewer field trips, less contests, music/band concerts held virtually, sporting events with limited attendance.  However, we are still educating our kids at a high level.  

We are not out of the woods yet, but I want to thank the entire Mound City Community for the support that you have provided for Mound City R-2.  It has been challenging to say the least.  I will say that I am so proud of every employee for their hard work and dedication to making sacrifices for the sake of the children in our building.  We have a great staff!  Hang in there Panther Nation and keep your heads up.  4th Quarter here we come!