There is a lot of incorrect information floating around regarding the Boys Quarterfinal Basketball game on Friday.  I want to take a moment to clarify all of the information that we know at this point.  Mr. Shipman has been working very hard and will be able to communicate more as information becomes available.  

Game Location, Date,  and Time:  Orrick High School on Friday, March 5th at 6:00 PM

Capacity:  Orrick will be allowing 200 spectators which means that each school will receive 100 tickets to be sold online

Ticket Priority:  Mr. Shipman is working on the allotment, but please understand participating basketball players (15) families will be our first priority, followed by cheerleaders.  We are unsure of the number of tickets each student will receive at this time, but Mr. Shipman will communicate this with coaches and team members as soon as possible.  Chances of community members or students receiving tickets will be extremely slim.  

We are working very hard to provide information in a timely manner.  Please be patient!  The game will be live streamed via for a fee of $10.  It will also be broadcast by Sunny 101.3 FM and 95.9 FM.  Please cheer on our Panthers in their pursuit of a Final Four Appearance!