Class 1 District 16 Boys Semifinal Game - Mound City vs. West Nodaway

Game Time:  6:00 PM - Gates will open at 5:15

Admission:  $5 for Ages 6 and up - No Passes Accepted

Live Stream:  We are not allowed to live stream the game through our Mound City R-2 YouTube Channel.  The games will however be live streamed through at a fee of $10.  Go to  You will have to set up an account to log in.

District T-Shirts are being sold online this year.  Go to the following link to place your order:

Mound City R-2 Administration asks that Masks be worn while in attendance due to the large number of spectators expected at the District Contest.

Mound City R-2 Students not wearing masks will be asked to put one on.  If refusal to do so, they will be asked to leave.  ALL STUDENTS SHOULD BRING A MASK TO THE GAME!!!

Parents, also understand that Hats are not be worn by students while at school or at school functions that are held indoors.  The students have been told of this rule and reminded not to wear hats in the building.  Students wearing hats will be asked by administration or staff to take the hat off.  Continual issues with this rule will result in the hat being taken from the students until they leave the building.  This is not a game specific rule, this rule has been in the Mound City R-2 High School Student Handbook for a number of years.  

Student Section:  Continual Standing is permitted only in the student section and the front row must be open.

Handheld Signs and Artificial Noise Makers are not allowed.

The Mound City R-2 School District looks forward to hosting this event and allowing for a great experience for all athletes and spectators!