Happy Easter Weekend Panther Nation,

I know, Saturday isn’t a day that I should be sending a message but, I can’t help it.  My world, your world, our world is so upside down right now.  Seeing the commercials on TV for the movie “Passion of the Christ”, I can’t help but think about this whole COVID-19 thing is (to say the least) mild in  comparison.  Whether you are a “Believer” or not, makes no difference in this light.  We know from many historical documents, history dictates that a man named Jesus was crucified on what is called “good Friday.”  In our so called sophisticated society this is absolutely inconceivable.  A man being dragged from his dwelling and paraded through the streets, beaten, disgraced and then crucified, what?  That would never happen, would it?  Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to proselytize, I am just trying to get my head around what is happening to us and what has happened to others in history.  Emmett Till, MLK, JKF, Lincoln, millions of Jews (not withstanding Jesus- different time, similar result-similar reason) …………how great are those for examples of injustice?  So, do those examples put in perspective how bad we have it?  I really shouldn’t compare any of those events to what we are going through.  I, as all of us, am trying to understand why all of this is happening to us.  Our students are missing out on face to face interaction with school staff members, their peers, and activities they should be engaged in.  But they aren’t.  I don’t have an answer.  And for that, for I am truly sorry.  I have not had many times in the 30 years of doing this education job where I didn’t have an answer, some of my answers were wrong, but at least I had an answer.  A few times, I had to apologize for the wrong answer……… but now --I “got nothing.” 

I do know this, we will move forward in time, we will persevere, we will come out stronger on top of what these times dictate.

Be well, live responsible--but not in fear, and most importantly have a great Easter!

Stay healthy!