Day #18 We don't want to see that

Panther Nation,

Yesterday, Governor Parson sent the message that all school buildings will be closed through the end of the 2019-20 school year.  We didn’t want to see that.  My close friend Dr. Kerwin Urhahn, the Executive Director of the Missouri High School Activities Association, followed with the cancellation of state MSHSAA scholar bowl and all spring sports.  We didn’t want to see that.  He is absolutely very upset over kids not being able to compete.  Somebody, please wake me up from this nightmare………….. We certainly don’t want to see Mr. Miles with an 80’s hairdo----you just can’t unsee that.

We are trying to come to terms with all the end of the year things that kids, parents, guardians, grandmas, grandpas, and every form of relative and friend there is look forward to, will more than likely,  not happen.

Life is strange right now to say the least. 

Tomorrow is Good Friday please enjoy this season.  This weekend represents no greater sacrifice than Easter.  As we tread through the next several weeks of whatever is to come, please remember those closest to you and show love and respect.  We always tend to treat the ones closest to us the worst, why is that I wonder?  I think it is because we trust and love them the most and know that they will forgive us and we can’t treat people outside our circle that way or at least we know we shouldn’t.  How about we take that same approach with the ones closest to us.  This weekend, enjoy your family, most of us can’t physically go to an actual church building so, celebrate in other ways.  Eat too much, play too many games with family members, watch too many uplifting movies, fish too much, or enjoy the snow too much (yep, my forecast says snow…bummer).

Stay Healthy!