As we are adjusting to this new way of life all of us are adapting in many ways.  Students learning from their bedrooms, dining room tables or wherever, adults working from the same type of places.  All of us are figuring it out.  Our teachers and almost all of our students seemingly have figured it out as well.

I was at home this afternoon working on the skid loader, it developed a major hydraulic oil leak this winter and I haven’t had the time to fix it.  I finally figured it out and took the faulty hose to the fine folks at Hiawatha Implement.  The brave men and women there are still open for business, like a lot in Mound City.  These people at John Deere are keeping farmers rolling as they begin the task of planting crops so we can all eat. 

Speaking of eating, Ms. Amy, our food service director along with Ms. Amy B and Ms. Sharon delivered breakfast and lunch to 84 students yesterday.  Today there are 94 signed up.  They are working very hard to get the task done.  They are going to split the route to get meals delivered in a more timely fashion.  They are absolutely dedicated to getting meals to our students, I love their passion.  If you want to order meals for your kids just text 816 273 7119 and get it set up free and painless.

The weather has been so nice, but northwest Missouri is unpredictable, the forecast thinks it will get cold tonight, 26 degrees!  That’s just great, my peach and apple trees have awesome blooms right now.  Well, we might not have any peaches or apples this summer, thank you heartless Jack Frost.  With the weather turning back to cold there is a bright spot maybe……My Grandpa Vester Eaton would tell his wife (Grandma Mary) when it turned cold “it is cold enough to make chili.”  So she would make chili!  That is what I did last night in order to get ready for the cold nights coming up.  I know, those of you that read this had to back up and read my Grandpa’s name again and said to yourself “is that a typo?, but couldn’t begin to imagine another name that could fix the typo.”  Nope, that’s correct, he had brothers named Void, Heskall, LaMaster and Roe Jr.  How’s that for names that you can’t find in the truckstop mini license plate rack?  My dad’s name is Ivan………….I guess they broke out of the unusual names with me…………………

Stay Healthy!