April Fool’s Day…………………

I was out to late last night.  My youngest daughter and I decided that feeding a bottle calf, taking care of dogs, cutting brush, hauling in wood for next winter’s heat stove and doing chores around the house was fine but we needed more during this time of self-quarantine…. we needed to go fishing.  Hence, at 11 pm  Joeigh (my youngest) and I were catching night crawlers.  That’s right, why not get some fishing worms late at night.  I don’t know our judgement isn’t always sane, but we try...Mrs. Eaton just shakes her head.  As I am working on next year’s school budget, hiring staff, and setting up programs for the 20-21 school year during the day and focusing on stuff that needs done around the house and farm at night, I need to focus on my personal life as well.  Fish don’t care about the COVID-19, at least I don’t think they do and why should they?  We need to care, but again I say don’t fear it, just be responsible.  President Trump is saying 30-60 days of staying safe with social (I say physical) distancing and Governor Parson will likely push this out through May 1st today in a news conference.  Again, we are resilient meaning the ability of any person to successfully and quickly cope with a crisis.  In rural America (especially Mound Town), we are certainly the epitome of perseverance, that’s all we know.  I have to be honest, the fishing idea came from a picture that Mr. Miles sent me last night of his feet propped up and a fishing pole in his hand and a view of serene water…..I doubt he caught anything!  Why not give it a try tonight if you can?  I mean, I caught night crawlers last night, doesn’t that mean fish are ready to be caught?

Students don’t forget to check in with your teachers and get your homework turned in, persevere! 

Don’t forget to text 816 273 7119 to get students free breakfast/lunch delivered to your doorstep.  It really helps your school to get safe food products (that we have for the regular school year) delivered and not wasted!  Please consider using this service.

As always………Stay Healthy!