Panther Nation, 

Looks like the weekend wasn't the greatest of news as far as the current situation we are facing in the world and specifically in our great country.  However, I am resolved to stay positive due to the fact that we have a lot of smart people in the medical and research field working on this issue.  I heard a speaker yesterday put it very simple, live RESPONSIBLY do not live in FEAR.  He was referring to the COVID-19 situation, but I think I will continue this in regular life as well.  We need to be smart about this physical distancing....I don't like the term social distancing.  To me this implies that we should not have any contact with people.  That would mean that I shouldn't be writing this message.  I think we need to have more contact with people than ever, just not physical presence until this virus thing is over.  So, please reach out to one another via whatever social media you choose or the actual telephone!  Reach out to those you know that are alone and confined to there residence, this is a tough time for all especially if they are by themselves. 

Don't forget breakfast/lunch for those that want it by texting 816 273 7119.  Remember this federal money is going somewhere, why not here?  There isn't a restriction on any student to receive this free.  The Kitchen Ladies deliver beginning at 10:30 am, stay inside your homes and they will put it on your front step. Please do not come out to get it from them, they are staying responsible with physical distancing - so we need to as well. 

Stay healthy!