ARE YOU KIDDING ME!  I have got to be honest, when I first heard that Mrs. Rogers (our 7-12 counselor) suggested to have a teacher parade..........I was this something that people will support?  Unbelievable!  It was phenomenal the number of teachers that came, some of them from several miles from their homes.  Even more outstanding, was the number of kids and especially their parents that made a tremendous effort to make sure their kids were involved!  Students and staff alike were so genuinely happy to see each other, although from the recommended 6' distance.  Even though most of you know that I am not an overly emotional person, I was today-- just driving and waving at all of you students, your parents, and the community members that supported the event today.  I've never been involved in an event quite like this.........but these times are calling for pulling together more than ever, even though we must keep our distance!

Reminder.....we were at 55 kids receiving free breakfast/lunch delivered today!  Parents please text 816 273 7119 to get your kids signed up, know that the school is not out the money from this.  Our local tax dollars are not affected what so ever.  This is part of our federal money that has already been going to us as a district, because of our free/reduced thresh hold numbers all kids qualify.....if we don't take advantage it will go somewhere else, why not here?

Thank you to all that supported the parade today......thanks Mrs. Rogers and all staff!

Stay healthy!