Good Morning Panther Nation,

Turns out people do read this.  Thanks to many for reaching out yesterday and sorry for the grammar error yesterday!

I can't help but laugh even in light of the craziness going on in our world.  In the twenty years of coming into this office, I honestly can't remember a day that we haven't had a least one good laugh.  So, you might not laugh at this but, if you are honest with yourself you will.  

"Why shouldn't you write with a broken pencil?" --- "Because it's pointless!"

Our building is closed, but school is open!  Thanks to our teachers/staff for making a bad situation much better.  Their efforts, combined with our students and parents we are certainly still having school-----that is definitely not POINTLESS.

Don't forget the Teacher Parade coming around town at noon.  If you live out of town and can come in they will end up circling around at the Golf Clubhouse parking lot.

Students -- remember if you want breakfast/lunch delivery free of charge text 816 273 7119.

Stay healthy!