Good morning Panther Nation!  

As we look at a new way to have school our staff is working hard to ensure that learning continues.  I am so amazed at not only our people here at MCR2, but the people all around America that are sacrificing time away from their families to battle this health issue.  It is sad that it takes a crisis to bring America back together again.  

Mrs. Hux posted a letter Saturday on our website from Governor Parson's office explaining a couple items about our situation.  The silver lining to me is the fact that families are spending more time together as we are to shelter in place and to only go out for essentials.  Remember this will not last forever.  

Lunch today is ravioli, salad w/ ranch, fruit and bread.  Breakfast tomorrow is a breakfast sandwich and fruit.  Remember all student meals are free, if you would like breakfast and lunch delivered to your house please call/text 816 273 7119.   

I sure miss our students, it is way to quiet.................hang in there!