Good morning Panther Nation,

I have never been more proud of our staff than what I saw going on yesterday.  With virtually no prep time everybody that works here made an almost impossible situation work to benefit kids.  Instead of baling wire and duct tape, our staff used chromebooks, laptops and copy machines to try and continue educating kids in new and very creative ways.  From the custodians cleaning to the kitchen ladies scrambling to delivery two meals each to several kids. I am telling the world this morning that this crew is amazing, our kids are amazing and the support from parents and the community equally match that amazing.  There was no help from outside our district boundaries, it was all created right here.  Made in Mound City, made for Mound City!

Please contact the school at 816 273 7119 by text if interested in breakfast/lunch for your kids.  Menus are on the website or call the offices for more information.

Stay well.