Students/Parents/Guardians/Community Members:

As students left the building yesterday there were mixed emotions.  A large number were sad and confused at why we had to close.  I certainly empathize with those feelings.

We received a memo last night from the Missouri Department of Education that the hours missed due to COVID-19 will be forgiven.  Meaning we will not be required to make up these hours.  

Yesterday the students were getting prepared for how our academic setting will change from physically being in the school building.  Today the staff is figuring out all the mechanics of this style of learning.  We are currently working on the website ( to set up individual teacher/grade level areas to assist in information dissemination.  Labeled boxes will be placed outside, near the south half circle driveway for grades PK-4.  

The staff, administration, and school board feel that continuing to hold students accountable to the best of our ability and the importance of engaging them academically has huge benefits. We know that the enrichment of our students is impossible without the support of our parents/guardians in a regular setting and impossible in this unchartered encounter.  We know that without help some students will choose not to be engaged.  Thanks in advance for your help!

The kitchen staff is preparing breakfast and lunch to begin deliveries to doorsteps.  The status of billing will not change (i.e. full/free/reduced pricing).  Please text 816 273 7119 to order in the mornings by 8 am, deliveries will begin at approximately 10:30 am.  Breakfast and lunch will be brought together.  These can be refrigerated for later consumption.

Thanks again!

Ken Eaton, MCR2 Superintendent